Caribbean Travel – Makes Your Trip Hassle-Free by Booking in Advance

The world famous „Jamaica” is a tropical island that is composed of eight islands. It is situated off the coast of west coast of Caribbean and it is surrounded by several large groups of islands in the surrounding waters. The population of this island is made up of many ethnic groups; there are whites, blacks, Hispanics, Indians, British, French, Chinese and many more. There are also large numbers of tourists who visit this island each year.

Trip to Jamaica

So when planning to go to Jamaica, one should consider the best time to visit in order to get the right accommodation and tourist areas. If you are visiting during the winter or rainy season, then you should avoid visiting the tourist areas of this island until the rainy season has ended. And if you are planning to go to Jamaica in summer, then there are many tourist areas in the island that you should visit such as Montego bay, Ocho Rios, Runaway Bay, Harmony, Antigua, and many more. These are some of the famous places of this island where you can have a lot of fun:

When going to Jamaica, you should know your most preferred mode of travel, either by land or by sea. The cost of air travel to Jamaica is comparatively cheaper than the cost of landing at its airport. By land, you can go to its major cities such as Negril, Montego bay and Port Antonio. You can also go to St. Lucia and Guadeloupe. But if you want to spend less time traveling around, you should go for car rental.

Taxis in Jamaica are generally expensive because it is not widely known among travelers that there are many taxis available at the corners of the cities. However, there are many car rental companies operating in Jamaica that can provide you with affordable rates for trips around the island. But there is no need to worry because there are many hotels around the Jamaican coast offering comfortable and luxurious hotel rooms for overnight visitors. There are many tourist attractions in Jamaica, which you can see and explore on your trip. The Crooked Tree Falls, Sand Island, Paradise island, Dutch Caribbean Airport, Fort Dona Paula, King’s Cay, Blue Mountain Jamaica and Windansea National Park are some of the popular tourist attractions of the island.

On your trip to Jamaica, it would be wise if you book your hotel room and car rental through a travel agent who specializes in Caribbean travel. This is because they can arrange everything for you. If you have already visited the local market, you may find local products very much cheaper. Otherwise, you may also buy from local vendors as you go around the cities in Jamaica. In fact, this is one of the best ways of enjoying the culture of the locals in the Caribbean.

If you want to spend ten days or more in Jamaica, it is advisable that you book your trip well in advance. Most visitors to Jamaica to visit the cities between late May and early September. This is because the rainy season is from June to August and is highly disruptive for travelers to get into the Caribbean region. A vacation package from any travel agency or private company that specializes in Caribbean travel will help you get cheap flights to Jamaica and make your trip hassle-free.