A Fishing Trip to Navobod

Trip to Navobod

A Fishing Trip to Navobod

The Tajikistan region of Russia has a very unique appeal among tourists from all over the world. Tajikistan is one of the most historically rich regions of Central Asia and boasts a rich cultural heritage. The towns and villages are quite well preserved and offer a great insight into daily life in the area. A trip to this stunning region offers a unique chance for travelers to experience a diverse variety of activities, some of which are only available in Tajikistan.

One of the most popular activities for tourists can participate in while in Tajikistan is fishing. Gromyeshka Island is one of the best places to do some fishing and to watch fishermen as they work hard to secure the best catch. Some tourists will choose to simply go fishing for bluefin tuna, while others may opt for blackfin tuna. This highly productive fishing spot is only accessible by ferry and boat and is not open to all, so those looking for a more challenging fishing experience should head to the Aktchamisht River where bigger fish are more common.

When visiting the town of Navobod, tourists will find the region’s capital, Tashkent, has much to offer. Tourists will be able to participate in traditional crafts, partake in a fair, take part in cultural events and shopping, and engage in a plethora of cultural activities. There are many hotels, guest houses and inns located all along the Silk Road and in close proximity to the region’s major towns.

Another way to enjoy a memorable trip to Navobod is to participate in a village fair. The fair is held annually and showcases local art and craft and the ability of Russian and Tajik women to work together. The fair is held every year at the beginning or end of August and is well worth attending.

The market day in the town of Navobod is one of its best attractions. Traditionally, merchants sell fresh fruits, vegetables, ornamental items, traditional handicrafts, salt and tea. In addition to the traditional items, there are a variety of new items on display. This is a great chance for tourists to buy some unique souvenirs while exploring the region.

One of the highlights of any trip to Navobod is the opportunity to go on a fishing trip. Fishing excursions can be arranged from guest houses and the region has several excellent fishing spots. The most popular spots include Novaya Bay, where visitors can rent boats and have a day of diving or fishing. Other spots include Shekhov, Pleskova and Bugabina Bay.