Travel to Hat Yai – A Natural Wonderland

Thailand’s famous Hat Yai Beach is popular among tourists. It is also called Ayutthaya Beach in Thai. The beach has white sand and crystal clear waters. There are bars, restaurants, and souvenir shops along the beach. The whole place is very laid back and easy to spend a nice vacation relaxing at the beach.

Trip to Hat Yai

A tourist going on a trip to Hat Yai must include a visit to the Buddhas in this beautiful paradise island. The Buddha image is very present in all over Thailand and its main temple located here is the main attraction in town. The temple offers insight into the true nature of Buddhism. There are many temples around the country, so it is easy to find a temple in every radius.

Before going on any trip to Hat Yai, you must know about the flight prices and get some budget flight tickets. One can get cheap flight tickets from many online travel portals like Orbitz, Travelocity etc. When checking out the prices, make sure you add on the flight costs, which include the hotel or resort fees as well. So you should do this before buying the tickets.

You can take a trip to Hat Yai either by road or by air. The main difference between the two is the time taken by the plane. For a quick trip, take a bus to the Hat Yai airport and you will find many tour buses there. But the best way to enjoy your vacation is taking a plane to Hat Yai and the best time to visit the island is during the monsoon months from December to April.

The best time to go to Hat Yai for an inexpensive trip is between mid-December to April. The island gets completely dry and there are no rains. Hat Yai is a great place for diving and snorkeling. You can book some cheap flights to Phuket by companies offering direct flights to songkhla and also to Phang Nga Bay.

There are many places to see and visit when we are on a trip to Phuket, Thailand. We have many cheap flights to Phuket, Thailand and tourists attractions like sunsets at Patong Beach, shopping in Patong, the Phi Islands and the world famous Phi Islands, the world famous Phuket amusement parks, the wonderful beaches of Phang Nga Bay, the enchanting beauty of Mae Hong Son, the limestone caves at Khao Lak, the fantastic waterfalls at Choeng Mon, etc. If we have the budget then we can take a trip to explore the wildlife sanctuary at Ta Chaeng.