Trip to Zafar Oboda – A Travel Guide

One of the most beautiful cities in Tajikistan, Zafarobod is a charming town. The ancient, scenic beauty of Zafarobod attracts thousands of tourists from across the globe every year. The city is located in the foothills of the mighty Karakoram Range and has an extraordinary view of the Pamir River and the Pamir Mountains in the backdrop. Tajikistan is also known for its rich culture and tradition, which add to its charm and beauty even more.

There are several tour operators in Zafarobod offering packages to this picturesque town. The most popular tourist attractions of Zafarobod include Pamir River, Pamir Mountains, the villages of Nazmai and Gelaya, and the golden desert. All these attractions are very easy to access and have their own websites, which makes it very convenient for travelers to explore the location and plan their trips according to their needs and interests. Those who are visiting from the USA can get a visa fast through the Central Asian Countries (CAA) and visit visa-free for two or three months.

Before you decide on the kind of trip you would like to embark on, it is important that you find out as much as you can about the country and its places of interest. The internet is a valuable source of information which provides information about all kinds of things. The Tajik people are very open and welcoming and make you feel at home when you spend a few nights in their lovely country. The people speak Tajik (Tajgoogul) and Pashto (Tajc) and are widely read.

The capital city of Tajikistan is Herat. There are a number of hotels in Herat, some of which are five stars. Hotels in Herat are in great demand because they provide all modern amenities and services. When you are here you may spend some time sightseeing around the various monuments, monasteries and mosques. There are ancient tombs to be explored, monuments to visit and museums to see.

If you are planning a long distant journey on foot, then a Tajikistan tour would be the right choice. A Tajikistan tour package comprises a train ride on the train and a ride on a cattle train. The whole trip is an eye-catching experience for tourists who are keen to learn about the history of this beautiful country. Some of the most popular routes on which a Tajikistan tour is conducted include Ural Mountains, Pamir River, Tajikistan Pass, China border, Inner Mongolia, Karakoram Range, Pamir River, China Sea, Elbe River, Russian Far East, hernos khrushka, etc.

There are many interesting destinations within the boundaries of Tajikistan. It is possible to combine your tour with a visit to the Pamir Mountains and the Zilum Valley. Pamir is the world’s third highest peak and is known for its splendid hot spring. The Zilum Valley is a huge limestone formation in north central Tajikistan. It is the home of many spectacular waterfalls and is an ideal place for trekkers and photographers.