Plan Your Trip to Agia Varvara to Experience the Eternal Beauty of Greece

If you are looking for a great holiday experience that does not come cheaply, then you should book a trip to Agia Varvara. Located right in the heart of Cyprus, in the region of Limassol, this beautiful part of the island boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. The resort has been developed to cater to the leisure and pleasure of its visitors and has a variety of accommodation options from hotels to villas.

Trip to Agia Varvara

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The splendour and antiquity of Cyprus are celebrating in Agia Varvara, offering tourists and locals alike a taste of the rich and colourful ancient history that permeates the region. The area is dotted with ruins from ancient Roman and Greek constructions, along with a wealth of different art styles and crafts, including pottery, mosaics and mosaic tiles. Take a stroll through the streets of this ancient community and take in the sights. The area was an important political center for the region, acting as a consulate and military headquarters for many generations. Be sure to explore the local cuisine and shops for a great family holiday experience.

For a great and romantic getaway, consider staying at one of the Cyprus villas in Agia Varvara. Many of the villas are set in breathtaking grounds amidst the rolling countryside, giving you a wonderful view of both the immediate and distant past. You will be just steps from the town of Limassol, which offers all of the things you need for a great holiday, as well as the chance to take part in some wonderful local culture. If you would prefer to relax during your time away from home, spend some time walking through the beautiful surroundings and taking in the amazing scenery. If you are more of a hiker, try exploring the remote regions of Paphos, Chora and Ayia Napa before heading back to your luxury holiday accommodation in Varvara.

If you are looking for a great family holiday experience that will remind you of the fun, excitement and romance of traditional Greek hospitality, you should head to the quaint fishing village of Agia Varvara, which is on the northern tip of the island. A visit to this charming seaside town will let you experience what it was like for the Greeks in ancient times, when they roamed this area in large groups. This unique history makes a great story to tell on your holiday – imagine telling your loved ones how you experienced the sights and sounds of ancient Greece in the heart of the Troodas mountains!

The island of Agia Varvara is well-known for its annual Oikos festival, which takes place in June. The festivities feature a massive sunbath which last for seven days, as well as plenty of live entertainment, food and drink. The last day of the festival is when you can have a much deserved leisurely picnic, relaxing in the local bars or enjoying the local cuisine. For those who prefer a bit of culture and ancient history but who are away from modern day Greece, you may prefer to spend your vacation at the ancient site of Delphi. Travel to Greece today and discover the beauty and history that still lie within the borders of this fascinating country.