Enjoy a Great Trip to Platanistasa

Trip to Platanistasa

Enjoy a Great Trip to Platanistasa

A trip to Platanistasa can be described as the perfect mix of pleasant beaches, adventurous activities, beautiful scenery and the Mediterranean sea. This picturesque seaside resort is a favorite among young couples and families and has many options for people who want a relaxing vacation. If you are planning to spend your vacation on the beautiful Mediterranean coast, you will certainly love a trip to the resort town of Platanistasa. The beautiful beaches here provide for some of the best beaches in all of Cyprus. It is home to some of the most exclusive and luxurious resorts in the entire country.

A trip to this scenic resort town will give you an opportunity to see and experience some of the most spectacular scenery in Cyprus. You can take a walk along the beach front to view a breathtaking sunset. On an early evening, you may even enjoy a live performance by local musicians. Or perhaps you prefer to spend your evenings strolling along the beach front and talking with other holiday-makers. However, if you prefer something more active during your trip to this lovely seaside resort town, you may like to try one of the exciting water sports such as windsurfing, kayaking, jet skiing and banana boat.

While you are traveling in this scenic region, it will be a good idea to choose a Cyprus hotel that provides delicious local dishes. Some of the most popular dishes served in Cyprus hotels include kebabs with rice, fresh salads, freshly baked dessert or freshly ground meat. It will also be a smart idea to purchase some locally grown produce such as tomatoes, onions, peppers, cucumbers, berries and herbs.

There are several options available when it comes to accommodation in the region surrounding the resort of Platanistasa. If you are travelling with children, you may want to consider staying at one of the many attractive kid-friendly hotels that are available in the area. There are even some nice child-friendly villas and apartments that you can rent as holiday homes. Alternatively, you can try to stay at one of the charming beachside hotels that is close enough to the sea for an enjoyable swim.

If you have a great deal of free time on your hands, you may prefer to spend your days exploring the local sights and scenes in order to soak up the local culture. You may enjoy exploring the historic districts of Nicosia, Yiosi and Famagusta, especially if you visit during May and early June. Be sure to take the time to stop by the charming bars and restaurants in these areas so that you can sample the local fare. If you prefer a more laid back holiday, you can always opt for a day trip to another part of Cyprus, such as the breakaway island of Larnaca, which is only 90 minutes away from Cyprus.

In addition to enjoying the natural beauty on your trip to Platanistasa, there are many other things to do on the islands that are sure to make your stay memorable. One of the best ways to explore Cyprus is through the beautiful seaside towns of Plovdiv and Gevalia. The stylish and lively towns are a great base for visiting some of the world-famous sites in the region, including the world-famous Paphos and Famagusta. While you’re in Plovdiv or Gevalia, be sure to check out the old museums and Roman ruins that dot the landscape. Many of these sites have been converted into tourist hotels, but there is still plenty to see and do in these great towns, including donkey rides through the streets, ancient ruins, and shopping at one of the many shopping malls that abound.